Melancholia sculpted by Nilda Comas, Fort Lauderdale, FloridaAs a professional full-time sculptor, many years of studies have prepared me for this ground-breaking production of classical figurative sculptures that will embody The Kiss Collection. I have studied the techniques of the Ancient Greek, Renaissance, Baroque and Modem sculptors for more than forty years, in order to perfect the quality of my craft. These established standards, which demand the command of composition, perspective and anatomy are what I use to realize and carve my living visions in pure white marble "the stone of light."

Find in this web site my curriculum vitae that conveys the merits and awards I have received. The solo and group exhibitions in venues and museums internationally as are listed demonstrate the quality of my commitment to art.

Currently, my goals are to complete a collection of twelve sculptures in white statuario marble from Carrara. White statuario marble is the purest of the marbles that can be found. This material has been used for eons by sculptors such as Phideas, Donatello, Michelangelo, Rodin, Brancusi and many others. Using this unblemished white marble that the ancient Greeks named "the rock of light" in The Kiss Collection will allow for an exhibition of art that is the rebirth of a far too long ignored and all but forgotten tradition.

Sleeping child sculpted in Fort Lauderdale by Nilda Comas.The true value of making art for me as an artist begins with deep self-revelation. Artwork serves many functions in society. Perhaps, the most central is that of communication. The production of The Kiss Collection will communicate the many forms of kissing, one of the beautiful acts of humanity, in a technique that is traditional, exploring the illicit and proper and the forbidden and condoned aspects of kissing.

Many artists have centered their works on the social context of kissing. Tu dammi mille baci e quindi cento, poi dammene altri mille, e quindi cento, quindi mille, continui e quindi cento ... as in the opera Carmen, when Catullo passionately begs for kisses. A century later Francesco Hayes' famous 'Kiss' gave form and color to the ecstasies of Eros. The painting created on linen shows two people embraced in a romantic kiss. One can imagine they could be Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare or Paolo and Francesca from Dante. More recent studies of this iconic theme· show that the kiss is no longer just the celebration of the ecstasies of love, but it may express other metaphors, as well.  I will explore alternate meanings of kissing in this collection of art.

The collection of twelve marble sculptures will interpret twelve different themes of kissing. Each marble sculpture will have a kiss in bright red lipstick that I will make from my own lips. Each red kiss will be imprinted on a different part of each figure as a symbol of each type of kiss. The placement of the red kiss will show the type of kiss that each sculpture represents. The sculptures will all be life-size, each in the act of receiving or giving a kiss. The sculptures will not be of the whole figure, but instead, of selected parts of the figure-- this will help to convey a particular meaning of a type of kiss. Some sculptures will be composed of two figures. The impression of each figure or figures in marble will articulate the sensuality and humanity in each demonstrative act or position of kissing.

My objective is to produce the twelve marble sculptures for exhibition for a wide audience over a short focused duration. Research work will be accomplished as also the creation of the sculptures in clay and their molds in my studio warehouse at The Legacy Art Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To demonstrate my initial idea of creating The Kiss Collection, I have already sculpted the first three of the collection of art. The first sculpture entitled Victory is of a male torso with a kiss on his buttock, representing the most sensual. of all kisses, Eros. My second sculpture is the head of a child with a tender kiss on its head, Sleeping Child, representing the maternal kiss. The third classical. figurative sculpture already created is a comforting kiss on the cheek of a melancholic woman •. entitled Melancolia. You may understand that these are kisses that are passionate and compassionate within the uncertainty of life. We have flirtation, maternal love and sisterly acts of devotion from the embodiment of erotic love to nurturing tragedy. The completion of the remaining nine sculptures in clay and its molds will require a year. I will then take each mold to Italy, make plasters and transfer each sculpture into marble. I will create my remaining nine sculptures upon receiving monetary support from foundations and patrons. With the necessary funding it will take a total of two years to complete all of the work required to be ready for the exhibition.

The chosen colors for the exhibition are White, Red and Black. White is the iconic symbol of innocence and purity that is an embodiment of kissing. Red Signifies passion, love, fire and in some cases betrayal or even violence.  We understand universally that each red kiss symbolizes a woman's femininity, as well. Black will be used as the exhibition backdrop or background to symbolize empty space and the measureless unknown, which is inherent in the act of love. The striking contrast of white flesh-like sculptures against the painted void of black will highlight the measures of what is known against what is not in life. The beauty of the marble artwork will be embellished by the black backdrop, as well.

The white marble sculptures will distinguish themselves by having the character of completeness. Not only will they be seen standing alone but also as a part of their harmonious group. The red kiss imprint will be the common element that bonds the white marble sculptures together as a collection of art.

Victory sculpted by Nilda ComasEach and every guest to the exhibition will embrace and be melded by the red powerful kiss on each piece of white marble. While melding with the kiss the viewer experiences all of the various feelings of emotion that arrive in each captured embrace or act of kissing. This is a collection beyond language, fundamentally, it is what makes us human. The exhibition will make use of the media of video and music. Video film will splash popular images of famous artworks of kissing in illumination over the walls of the black unknown. Works like Brancusi's kiss, Rodin's kiss, Klimt's kiss, etc. will be enjoyed by the public. The ambient music will be of songs suitable to these various kisses: Candy Kisses, As Time Goes By, Tall Paul, Give Me a Little Kiss and For Your Love, to name a few. The exhibition will function and offer a complete sensory experience for the viewer by being completely engaging by the quality of a collection of beautiful art in a traditional classic medium of an iconic theme. The experience will be both poetic and direct.

These representational sculptures will challenge the viewer to reflect, enjoy, to recall memories and experience all that kissing has been and can be. He will hold reflection in the freedom of his experiences and memory of personal acts: a mothers gentle kiss, a first kiss during a jump rope-chant or the kiss of eroticism. The Kiss Collection is intended to draw out expressions of hope, comfort and healing through our iconic theme.

As the sculptor to this project, The Kiss Collection, I offer my creative vision in stone bringing it to life by converting empty space into art for all to experience and enjoy, now and forever. In this life it is my great hope to give the public a masterpiece collection of a lifetime in a lasting material, using traditional techniques, in a subject of an iconic theme beyond barriers. At the moment, this is what my art is about.  

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