Sculpture Workshop Classes

Techniques from Master Artists that have been passed on from generation to generación can be learned from Nilda Comas in her Workshop Classes.

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The David's Reproduction

At the Studio Franco Cervietti in Pietrasanta, Italy, Nilda learned the techniques of marble carving while attending the Accademia de Bella Arti di Carrara. She also studied under master carver Enzo Pasquini.   Five foot, 3-inch Nilda stands beside the reproduction of the famous Michaelangelo's David where she participated in its creation along with 22 other sculptors who worked on this commission.



WATCH FOR 3 "Living Among the Artists Sculpture Workshops in Italy" COMING THIS FALL:
1. Come to "Living Among the Artists Sculpture Workshop" using water base clay in the "Little Athens" the Rennaissance town of Pietrasanta, Italy
2. Do not Miss "Living Among the Artists Marble Sculpting Workshop Using Contrasting Robotic and Ancient Methods" right in the  Marble Mountains, located in the Italian Alps in the beautiful Garfagnana area.
3. "Living Among the Artists Sculpture Private Apprenticeship Workshop Program" in Pietrasanta, Italy

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