Religious Commissions

Christ Religious Sculpture in Clay by Nilda Comas

Sacred Art has been a tradition since the beginning of civilization.  As an artist I rejoice in being part of the continuance of this tradition. 

Religious commissions allow me to create sculpture in bronze, marble or terracotta that become not only a visual and touching experience but a concrete expression of that which can not be fully explained, "faith."  In silence, the viewer's response is his own interpretation and reaffirmation of his belief and knowledge of the sacred.  The response to visual art is a fundamental part of communication between the faithful and its creator.  Sacred art takes an important part in the continuity of belief and becomes part of history of the present and future generations.

Full size to monumental sculptures in bronze, terracotta or marble.  Bas Reliefs, groupings or single images in three-dimensional form for gardens or indoor placement.  Stations of the cross, sculptures on the round and statuary for niches in churches.

Photos below show the marble carving of the largest single piece bas relief installed in the USA.  Nilda Comas was one of the few master sculptors invited to participate in its creation.


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