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nilda comas sculpting male bust in clay


My heartfelt interest in creating figurative sculpture is to provide a three-dimensional commentary on the human spirit. To me, sculpture is an emotional language, converting abstract space into a solid mass. Using bronze or stone, I explore the human emotions and feelings that have been constant throughout the history of humankind, including passion, joy, love, melancholy and victory.

In recreating these emotions in my figures, sculpture becomes an eternal bonding of communication in which the artist, the figure and viewer are linked together through a collective cognitive collaboration of the subconscious.

Through the poetic communication of sculpture and painting, in some of my work, I demonstrate what is social injustice, to change people’s understanding about life, to make a difference.

In mastering composition, perspective, form, draftsmanship and anatomy through a portrayal of images of the human figure, my imagination expresses the beauty of nature. I use the classical ideals refined through the ages from the ancient Greeks, the Renaissance, Baroque and up to the present. Using these disciplines and technical skills, I express in contemporary terms an intimate understanding of what it is to be human.


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